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Full of color into life

Reality is quite gray. The inner self with its dreams and passions has much more color. With my colorful Story Paintings I try to bring my dreams to life.

I bring up my fairytales to confront them with reality. I am inspired by people and how we relate to the world. What of our drives end up in daily life? Have we not forgotten our passions? How do we apply those dreams?
When dreams are lived, beautiful fairytales can arise, but even the most beautiful fairytale has its nightmares ...

My work consists of colorful mixed media paintings, on canvas or local wood, in which I use acrylic paint and all kinds of materials: glitter, collected frills, old toys, found second-hand items ... together they tell my story and they get a new life on canvas. Serious work in a playful appearance. And always with a positive approach. Because everything you pay attention to grows and flourishes.

The paintings are intended for young and old. Where children are often underestimated, adulthood is overestimated. I would prefer to address everyone at their own level and let them discover how everyone can make a difference, however small, and that that is important.


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