Colorful story paintings for young and old

Children are often underestimated, adulthood overestimated. It is striking that if art is made especially for children, it is almost always an interactive form. My starting point is that children, just like adults, do not need to be controlled and can simply experience what an image does to them.

I would prefer to address everyone, young and old, on a personal level and give them tools to discover that everyone can make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

My name is Claudia C. ten Hoeve (1968) and I was born in Utrecht The Netherlands) and I still live and work there.

My visual work consists of mixed media paintings; my inner world takes shape on canvas or local wood, using acrylic paint and all kinds of materials: collected trinkets, received toys, found recycled items .... together they tell my story.

The hARTkado.NU project is a conceptual way to spread as much 'positivity' as possible. Small heart paintings of 10x10 cm are abandoned to surprise and amaze people, to hang on the wall or to pass on again, and so together make the world a little more fun.

Also available on Instagram #samenakenwedewereldleuker .





Thanks to:

Han Franssen -

sponsor of hARTkado.NU

Erik Stekelenburg, Steven van Drie -

photography paintings,
Ben van Andel -

court photographer hARTkado.NU

Hanz Art -

illustration hARTkado.NU
Sylvia van Mil -

construction of exhibitions

Table Tree Foundation -

local wood


The paintings love to tell their story and like to find a nice place on your wall. If you are interested, please contact us.