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A Thousand-and-1-heARTs

Colorful story paintings about the heart in all its facets because in the light and darkness of life it is always about Love.

I painted a thousand-and-one-hearts. Big ones, small ones, flamboyent or subdued, explosive and wild. Happy hearts, craving hearts, hearts to be found and some forever lost. It was never chosen to do so consciously, but just purely grown that way. I've learned that every heart, every love, light or dark, happy or deeply sad, has something special and beautiful in it to cherish.



My first real home painting was with a pink heart for my youngest son. That made me so happy. As if I was a child again, abundantlessly drawing hearts and flowers. And that is still what I love to do, paint a canvas full of colors with all kinds of materials to find out afterwards what it has become, independently of any convention, with the open mind of a child, who was granted to dream of everything and beyond.

I paint my heart into the world.


1112 - Hart van de Stad (Heart of the City)

for the Utrecht City Hall


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