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I want to color the world a little more beautiful

heART4FREE is a conceptual art project and a result from my deepest wish to make a difference with little things. Nowadays, when you first have to 'earn it before you deserve it' and money seems to rule, I want spread love 4 free with my little heartpaintings.

I always try to put a twist of positivity into my work, because I believe so much in the output of it; people can`t make me happier than when they feel touched by something I made. And because an exhibition can only be visited by a limited number of people and not everyone is able or wants to buy a painting, and because I`m highly interested in the concept of action and reaction, I came up with the idea of making many small paintings instead of one big one, and give them away for free. I do this in various places, for various people, so everyone has the same chance of finding one.

I hope people to surprise and make them wonder, just because of the asthonishing and most fantastic fact that you are YOU!

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in fun, sweet and special places

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