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HOMO LUDENS - Is making art playing, or is playing making art?

Hartenoord doet weer mee aan de komende editie U?, het creatieve en gratis toegankelijke stadsfestival van Le Guess Who. 

Utrecht artist Claudia C. ten Hoeve explores the foundation with HOMO LUDENS: all culture is fundamentally play. Playing relaxes, connects, stimulates creativity, expands the mind, and, just like art, can only arise from freedom.Come (re-)discover the homo ludens (the playing human) within yourself!

What: Free Festival U? Check of leguesswho/u/timetable
When: Saturday 11 november 2023
 14.00 pm till sunday
Where: Hartenoord, Ravenoord, Rotsoord, Utrecht


Plattegrond homo ludens Ravenoord.png
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