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In the Playful Wonder

Serious work in a playful way.

Mixed media paintings with old toys and found recycled materials are given a new life on canvas, showing how everyone, young or old, can make a difference in the world. Try to start with a smile!




Sometimes it doesn't feel good at all in this world and you would prefer to be somewhere else. Maybe you want to escape from your nightmares and fly to dreamland. Or you can try to camouflage yourself in order to fit in, to mirror yourself in order to adapt, hide, or transform yourself.
But where do you want to go, where is there ... Maybe there is just right here?


And as good and evil do not really exist, all concepts are actually colored, depending on where you live or what thoughts you grew up with. I try to capture the heart of this. Day-to-day reality and so-called contradictions are analyzed, explored and abstracted to put into perspective.

Wonder takes shape on canvas.

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