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Art for Children from 1 to 111

Colorful story paintings for all ages. Children are often underestimated, but adulthood is very often overestimated, while they are two equal sides of the same coin. I would like to help everyone, young and old, to discover that everyone is of great importance and has a choice to make a difference in the world. 

♥ My visual art is a colorful mix of artwork; my inner world gets molded on to canvas or local wood, using acrylic paint and all kinds of materials: collected trinkets and frills, old toys, found recycled materials ... together they tell my story.
♥ The heART4FREE project I started 8 years ago to spread as much as possible love and positivity into the world . Small heartpaintings are left all over the world to surprise people and make them wonder. Together we make the world more beuatiful.

Also available on Instagram #samenakenwedewereldleuker


Everything I make and do I do with the most positive approach. I strongly believe everyone and everything you do is equaly important and influences another. That makes us responsible to live our lives the best we can.




The paintings love to tell their story and like to find a nice place on your wall. If you are interested, please contact us.

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