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On the back of the card that is attached to a HEART gift is the request to let them know where and by whom the gift was found and what they did with it. You can find that on the page hARTkadootje? and on Instagram . The hARTkado.NU account on Instagram has existed since mid-2018. Unfortunately, the former website, where everything was documented from the start in 2012, has been lost.
The reactions are happy, enthusiastic and surprised, sometimes also sad and moving, but always heart-warming. They are really my gifts too.
It is extra nice that if someone posts a reaction, others can respond to it again, or one becomes inspired to do something fun, sweet and creative to make someone happy, and making happy not only makes the other person happy, but you are happy too, and together we build a new story of the power of action and reaction.
On to a positive snowball effect!

hARTkadootjes gaan soms

ook verder op reis,  worden

door- en doorgegeven:

Samen maken we de wereld leuker!



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